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Skin Treatments

with Dermapen
Face & Neck                                 $140
Add hylafuse mask                         $15
Add numbing cream                      $20

Skin conditions that are effectively treated and managed by Dermapen include: Ageing & UV Damage, Hyper-pigmentation, Problematic, Scarring, Rosacea, Loss of Volume, Enlarged Pores, Stretchmarks. 


Skin Needling


male female waxing coomera

Face & Neck                                 
Add AHA peel                        

Microdermabrasion exfoliates and removes the superficial layer of the skin while addressing and improving the skins quality, texture and appearance. 



Cosmetic Grade Peels


Jessner  *                               

TCA 12%  *                             

Glycolic 20%                          

Enzyme Peel                          

Cosmetic Grade Peels are fantastic are treating UV damage & thickened skin, aging, lifting pigment & discolouration. As well as improving congestion , scaring, pores & general texture irregularities. 

*Some peels have downtime with visible flaking for up to 10 days post treatment. It is essential that the skin is correctly prepaired with Vitamin A & C two weeks prior to use (this can be purchased in clinic). 





Custom Facial                           
Acne Assistance                               
Sensitive Facial                  
Prin Enzyme Tightening Facial 


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